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Features You Can Expect From an Electric Rice Cooker

Man basically needs 3 things to survive that are shelter, clothes and most important food. Man has made many tools for making his simple. He has made many inventions since ancient times. Now, we are living in a life which is easier as compared to the earlier times. These inventions include everything. He has made tools for cooking his food. In 1995, an invention was made by Japan’s leading company Toshiba. It was a rice cooker. Many competitive groups and companies made similar cookers and with time and advancement, we can find best quality cooker in markets, homes, shops etc. Basically, a rice cooker is of 3 types:

  • Gas Cooker
  • Microwave Cooker
  • Electric Cooker

Among these, electric rice cooker is the most common. We find electric rice cooker most often as it is easily available, its price is genuine and its working is good. Microwave rice cooker and gas rice cooker are mainly used for commercial use as per their large size. Gas rice cooker cooks food faster than electric rice cooker by supplying more heat in the same time. But overall, electric rice cooker is beneficial over other rice cooker. Overall, electric rice cooker has many features. These may include:rice cooker for kitchen

  • Basic Features: 
  • Its heats the food more quickly than microwave rice cooker.
  • It cooks food faster than microwave rice cooker.
  • It is lighter than all other rice cookers.
  • It has a timer which helps in the automatic cooking without any manual work.
  • Its size is small and thus it can be easily placed anywhere in the house.
  • Its cleaning is very easy.
  • Rice prepared from an electric rice cooker tastes better than other rice cookers.
  • Additional Features: 
  • This cooker has an additional feature of STAY-WARM or KEEP-WARMwhich keeps the food hot after cooking and before serving.
  • Most of the electric cookers also bake bread. Others may have a feature of providing suitable temperature for the fermentation of bread, yogurt or dough.
  • It can also act as a steamer.
  • Some electric rice cookers are used in the preparation of soup, stews and sponge cakes.
  • Some of the electric rice cookers are featured with AUTO-MODE which enables the automatic cooking.
  • It has the ability to cook sticky-rice, called
  • It can also be treated as a SLOW COOKING POT.

If we will keep discussing the features of an electric rice cooker, our important time will be consumed. Although, an electric rice cooker has many features, we want some more features in it. Mainly, an electric rice cooker supplies less heat than a gas rice cooker. Thus it takes more time for an electric rice cooker to cook the same food in same time as compared to a gas rice cooker. As the size of an electric rice cooker is smaller than the size of a gas rice cooker, the amount of rice prepared at a given time is less than the rice prepared by a gas rice cooker. However, gas cooker has some better qualities than an electric rice cooker, but electric rice cooker is always considered the best rice cooker.

Update your kitchen with beautiful stainless steel products

Stainless steel is considered to be the best of products when it comes to cooking. It finds its popularity among the professional chefs as well as the modern day kitchen household. One has to take into account that there are many reasons on why stainless steel is popular. There are some cons to it, but all this is overshadowed by the positives in the bigger margin. Some of the major advantages of updating your kitchen with stainless steel products are as follows

The Durable Part:stainless steel cookware

Stainless steel is a very durable material. It does not chip, stain or rust all that easily. It is also scratch resistant, and the best part of it is that one cannot destroy it. It is dishwasher safe, and you can put it into the refrigerator all the more.

The Preservation of Flavor:

In this type of cookware, there is no possibility of leaching off any metallic properties into food. In a way, it means that the cookware has no bearing on the quality of food. As there is a non-stick protective coating of cookware, the chances of material coming off the food are a bare minimum.


21-Stainless-Steel-Cookware-SetBest Stainless steel cookware is trendy, and it is easy to maintain that appearance. Since it needs a mirror finishing only a slight scrubbing or rubbing is needed to make it back to the original condition.

Transferability of Heat:

When a stainless steel product is brought into play, you think of a copper or aluminum base that is the need of the hour to improve the heating base. The reason for it is that it ensures even heating of food. When the cookware is well made, the properties of cooking can make it virtually impossible to match.


The beauty of stainless steel products is that it is recyclable. Say, for example: if a pan is damaged, it can be rectified by various other means. This makes stainless steel preferred by those who are more concerned about waste.

But when you are planning your kitchen with stainless steel products you should have one eye on the pricing. The logic is that the better the stainless steel, the more is the price. On the other side of the coin, a good stainless steel set can last fora lifetime. For most of us, it is a onetime investment that carries throughout the life.

When you choose stainless steel products,there are some cleaning points that come into the picture.No matter on how small the cooking is, you should ensure that the stainless steel is washed after every cooking. Dishwasher cleaning or basic sink wash will be more than enough. To ensure that the regular finishing remains the same, a regular metal cleaner needs to be used outside of the pan. The stuck on food will throng out with an elbow grease. So get set and update your kitchen with stainless steel products at the earliest and you can give your kitchen a modern look.

How To Fix Clogged Of Garbage Disposal

Nothing could be more intimidating than prohibited from using kitchen sink because of the clogging of your garbage disposal. Though this problem seems to be huge, it can be easily fixed by understanding the working of your garbage disposal unit. This article can provide you with excellent tips to fix the jammed or clogged garbage disposal without hiring a plumber whilst letting you to save money, time and headaches. First and foremost thing that you need to do when you deal with clogged garbage disposal is to avoid chemical cleaners as they may damage the unit and lead to health hazards in the kitchen.

Check Garbage Disposal Unit:

You have to just switch off the power to the garbage disposal and check the unit for the presence of any solid object such as metal piece or a bone. If you encounter any objects, just take it out using the tongs and flush the unit to ensure that water flows swiftly and smoothly. You must avoid using your hands for removing particles as you may get injured accidentally.garbage-disposal-repair

Check The Waste Discharge Pipe:

If you dint not find such things, you have to check the trap on the waste discharge side for clogs. The garbage disposal unit is used for grinding all the food wastes placed in it but if there is any lack in the water, the waste may stick to the pipe and results in clogging. You will find a P or S shaped pipe located in the garbage disposal reviews unit. After placing a container under this waste trap, remove the trap and clear it off to unclog the food waste present in it.

Check The Plumbing Line:

In some cases, you will find the clog present in the plumbing line. You can use sing augers for clearing the obstruction. Before using augers, you must make sure that the trap is removed safely by keeping a container below the trap to hold any spills and drips. Even a pipe wrench can be used for loosening the slip nuts on both the side of the trap. Then elongates the auger cable and insert it into the flat portion of the pipe. Once this cable hits the clog, pull out a few more inches of cable and then tighten the set screw. You must keep extending the cable until you clear the entire clog. Then fix the trap and turn on the water faucet to flush out all the debris.

If you are very busy and don’t have time to clear these clogs in the garbage disposal unit, you can make a call to the reliable and licensed plumber in your area who can unclog the garbage disposal unit of any model quickly.