Features You Can Expect From an Electric Rice Cooker

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Man basically needs 3 things to survive that are shelter, clothes and most important food. Man has made many tools for making his simple. He has made many inventions since ancient times. Now, we are living in a life which is easier as compared to the earlier times. These inventions include everything. He has made tools for cooking his food. In 1995, an invention was made by Japan’s leading company Toshiba. It was a rice cooker. Many competitive groups and companies made similar cookers and with time and advancement, we can find best quality cooker in markets, homes, shops etc. Basically, a rice cooker is of 3 types:

  • Gas Cooker
  • Microwave Cooker
  • Electric Cooker

Among these, electric rice cooker is the most common. We find electric rice cooker most often as it is easily available, its price is genuine and its working is good. Microwave rice cooker and gas rice cooker are mainly used for commercial use as per their large size. Gas rice cooker cooks food faster than electric rice cooker by supplying more heat in the same time. But overall, electric rice cooker is beneficial over other rice cooker. Overall, electric rice cooker has many features. These may include:rice cooker for kitchen

  • Basic Features: 
  • Its heats the food more quickly than microwave rice cooker.
  • It cooks food faster than microwave rice cooker.
  • It is lighter than all other rice cookers.
  • It has a timer which helps in the automatic cooking without any manual work.
  • Its size is small and thus it can be easily placed anywhere in the house.
  • Its cleaning is very easy.
  • Rice prepared from an electric rice cooker tastes better than other rice cookers.
  • Additional Features: 
  • This cooker has an additional feature of STAY-WARM or KEEP-WARMwhich keeps the food hot after cooking and before serving.
  • Most of the electric cookers also bake bread. Others may have a feature of providing suitable temperature for the fermentation of bread, yogurt or dough.
  • It can also act as a steamer.
  • Some electric rice cookers are used in the preparation of soup, stews and sponge cakes.
  • Some of the electric rice cookers are featured with AUTO-MODE which enables the automatic cooking.
  • It has the ability to cook sticky-rice, called
  • It can also be treated as a SLOW COOKING POT.

If we will keep discussing the features of an electric rice cooker, our important time will be consumed. Although, an electric rice cooker has many features, we want some more features in it. Mainly, an electric rice cooker supplies less heat than a gas rice cooker. Thus it takes more time for an electric rice cooker to cook the same food in same time as compared to a gas rice cooker. As the size of an electric rice cooker is smaller than the size of a gas rice cooker, the amount of rice prepared at a given time is less than the rice prepared by a gas rice cooker. However, gas cooker has some better qualities than an electric rice cooker, but electric rice cooker is always considered the best rice cooker.