How To Fix Clogged Of Garbage Disposal

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Nothing could be more intimidating than prohibited from using kitchen sink because of the clogging of your garbage disposal. Though this problem seems to be huge, it can be easily fixed by understanding the working of your garbage disposal unit. This article can provide you with excellent tips to fix the jammed or clogged garbage disposal without hiring a plumber whilst letting you to save money, time and headaches. First and foremost thing that you need to do when you deal with clogged garbage disposal is to avoid chemical cleaners as they may damage the unit and lead to health hazards in the kitchen.

Check Garbage Disposal Unit:

You have to just switch off the power to the garbage disposal and check the unit for the presence of any solid object such as metal piece or a bone. If you encounter any objects, just take it out using the tongs and flush the unit to ensure that water flows swiftly and smoothly. You must avoid using your hands for removing particles as you may get injured accidentally.garbage-disposal-repair

Check The Waste Discharge Pipe:

If you dint not find such things, you have to check the trap on the waste discharge side for clogs. The garbage disposal unit is used for grinding all the food wastes placed in it but if there is any lack in the water, the waste may stick to the pipe and results in clogging. You will find a P or S shaped pipe located in the garbage disposal reviews unit. After placing a container under this waste trap, remove the trap and clear it off to unclog the food waste present in it.

Check The Plumbing Line:

In some cases, you will find the clog present in the plumbing line. You can use sing augers for clearing the obstruction. Before using augers, you must make sure that the trap is removed safely by keeping a container below the trap to hold any spills and drips. Even a pipe wrench can be used for loosening the slip nuts on both the side of the trap. Then elongates the auger cable and insert it into the flat portion of the pipe. Once this cable hits the clog, pull out a few more inches of cable and then tighten the set screw. You must keep extending the cable until you clear the entire clog. Then fix the trap and turn on the water faucet to flush out all the debris.

If you are very busy and don’t have time to clear these clogs in the garbage disposal unit, you can make a call to the reliable and licensed plumber in your area who can unclog the garbage disposal unit of any model quickly.